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Arsenic Stitch Marker Set

Arsenic Stitch Marker Set

Ring Style
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This listing is for one set of stitch markers.  Each set comes with 6 markers.

I made these to match my Arsenic colorway.  My Arsenic colorway was originally based of a painting, so I went with one common form of arsenic from the Victorian time, Scheele's green.  An arsenic containing compound made by combining sodium carbonate and arsenious oxide at high temps and then mixing it with a copper solution.  The resulting precipitate is the color that was widely used in paints, clothing dyes, FOOD dyes, and others. 

The other charms I chose for this set also relate to arsenic in other ways.  Arsenic used to be added to chicken feed because it was believed to increase muscle mass.  All that resulted in was chicken full of arsenic ☠️

Mushrooms grown in soil contaminated with arsenic (maybe from chicken manure?), will uptake that arsenic into their fruiting bodies, and so become another source of arsenic you could potentially be exposed to.

Obviously, arsenic is extremely toxic, so the skull seemed a logical choice.

Each marker is handmade by me one at a time using snag free soldered sterling silver plated jump rings and sterling silver plated head pins.  

There are 3 types of ring you can choose.  Small ring markers will fit up to a US size 8 (5mm) needle comfortably, and the thin rings will help mark your place without creating ladders in even the finest work.  Large rings have an interior diameter of 8mm, and will fit up to a US 11.  Lobster claws are perfect for progress keepers, to mark rows, or to use as removable markers in crochet. 


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