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Neuron Sheep Squeezer

Neuron Sheep Squeezer


Try something new!  I did a fabulous collaboration with Nichole from One Sock Wonder bags to make this amazing neuron covered sheep squeezers to match my Neuron colorway.


From her website:


Keep your yarn free from tangles with this Sheep Squeezer by One Sock Wonder Bags!

By applying pressure to the cake, while covering it from other items in your project bag, the Sheep Squeezer keeps your yarn confined and tangle-free.

Slip a center-pull cake or center-pull ball of yarn into this stretchy sleeve to keep your yarn contained and tangle free. As you use your yarn up in a project, the Sheep Squeezer keeps a hold of your yarn, preventing big jumbled messes of leftovers in the bottom of your project bag.

**Please note this Sheep Squeezer is a sleeve, with no bottom.**

Made of stretchy knit fabric, this yarn tamer measures roughly 4.5"h x 5"w; the perfect size for most full-size (100g or so) center-pull cakes of yarn.


Like this?  Make sure you check out all of Nichole's other awesome products (including her squeezettes for two at a time sock knitting) over at her website.

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