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9/11/17: I'm slowly re-adding all the yarn to the in stock page!  Please be patient with me while I restock everything and clean up after hurricane Irma.



Don't panic!  All of my yarn is coming with me to the Georgia Fiberfest next week, so to avoid confusion and to to help me pack, I've removed all in stock products from the website temporarily.  I will start putting all the yarn back in the shop a little at a time after I get back from the show.  

If you're in the area, I hope I'll see you!  The vendor area only costs $5 to get in, so come by and say hi!

8/25/17:  The shop is updated!  See all the new stuff here:

 I will be helping out a friend all day tomorrow, so orders from the shop update (and sock club) will be shipping out first thing Monday morning. Secondly, I am going to the GA Fiberfest on Sept. 7th, so all products will be removed from my online shop on Sept. 1st so I can start packing everything into my car. Once the show is over, I will be adding everything back slowly over a few updates so I have time to take a thorough inventory. Also, after Sept. 1 my Orbit base will be going up in price from $23.50 to $24.

7/20/17: The next shop update will take place on July 28th!  Remember, custom orders are currently open, so if you want an out of stock colorway and don't want to wait until I get around to it, send me an email using the contact button! 

6/23/17:  Sock club is currently closed.  Check back in December of this year when I open up 1/2 club spots!  


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