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About us


Welcome!   String Theory Colorworks started out in 2009 with the fateful words "Hey, honey!  Wouldn't it be cool if..?"  Don't ever say such things to an engineer :)  I started dyeing self striping yarn that weekend with the help of my husband, MacGyver-ski (as my mother calls him).  With my husband being an electrical engineer, and me being a biology major, we decided that all of our yarns should have "science-y" names.  And a lot of our colorways interconnect in ways that only make sense to my insane brain.  We moved to New Mexico in July of 2012.  Our little family expanded with the birth of our daughter in October 2012.  It's been interesting working around her needs, but so far, so good!  Our second child, a boy, was born in April, 2016.  I do all the dyeing, prep, and packaging for all of our yarns while my husband works at his new full time job--I try my best to get everything ready on time, but with just me doing everything, sometimes I get a bit behind!    

Specializing in self striping yarns, we're trying new things everyday!