Custom Orders

Custom orders are on a first come, first served basis.  I will only be dyeing 2-3 custom order colors per week, so make sure you plan accordingly.  If your custom order request happens to match up with someone earlier in the line, you may get your order sooner.

I will only be accepting custom order requests on colorways with less than 5 skeins in stock in any combination of bases.  I am also accepting custom orders on new colorways, so if there's something you're dreaming of but I don't have yet, feel free to message me and we can try to work it out! 

Please limit your custom order requests to no more than 4 colorways per order, with only one outstanding custom order request open per person at a time.  You can order any number of skeins in the same colorway in any combination of bases, but only 4 different colors at a time. 

If you would like to custom order a colorway identical to a current colorway but with a different stripe pattern, you must order the full batch of that colorway.  Most batches run between 16 and 48 skeins depending on the number of colors.

Custom orders will be charged once they are ready to ship.