Frequently asked questions:

    • What do you mean "self striping"?
      • The term "self striping" is used to define a yarn that is dyed with each color having extremely long color sections.  Each section is several yards long, which means that when you knit narrower diameter objects (socks, mitts, hats, baby sweaters, etc) you'll get several rows of a single color that stack on top of each other, making it appear as if you were knitting with separate yarns into stripes.  
    • You have a lot of yarns.  Which one should I pick?
      • That depends.  I love all of my yarns--if I didn't love it I wouldn't dye it!  Each base has it's own unique and lovely properties.  Do you want super soft?  Pick Continuum.  Want socks that wear like iron?  Choose Entanglement or Inertia.  Like sparkle?  Pick Alloy or Matrix.  
    • What do I do if the colorway I want is out of stock on the yarn I like?
      • Right next to the "Out of Stock" label, there should be an icon that says "Email when available".  If you click that link, you'll get a pop-up asking you to provide your email.  When you do, I'll get a notification that one of my customers is looking for a particular yarn/colorway combo.  Once I've dyed some more, you'll get an email within 10 minutes of me adding the yarn to the shop to notify you that the yarn you wanted is back in stock!  How cool is that?
    • Why do some of the options have "image not available"?
      • That just means I haven't dyed that particular yarn/colorway combination yet.  I wanted the options to be available for the "Email when available" button.
    • What's "Stellina"?
      • Stellina is a modified nylon fiber that is added to some of my yarns for both added strength and SPARKLE!
    • What's "BFL"?
      • BFL, or Bluefaced Leicester, is a breed of longwool sheep that originated near Hexham in the county of Northumberland, England, during the early 1900's.  Being a longwool breed, the staple (or the lengths of the individual hairs) of the BFL's wool are longer than your traditional merino, so yarns spun from BFL are much more resistant to abrasion and pilling.  BFL does not have the high micron count of superfine merino, so it may not be as soft to the touch.
    • How come all your yarns are fingering or sport?
      • I used to carry DK and worsted weight, but they didn't sell well for me so I discontinued the process.  However, I still have a small amount of worsted weight merino available, so if you'd like to set up a custom order I would be happy to do that for you.

    Other Important Information:

    •  All yarns are dyed in a smoke free household, but we are pet friendly, so please let us know if you have strong animal allergies.

    •  All yarns are individually hand-dyed, and will vary slightly from skein to skein. 

    • If you would like your yarn wound into a center pull ball, please say so in the comments during checkout.

    • I recommend hand washing all finished objects in cold water with a minimum amount of a dedicated wool-wash.  Any yarns with cashmere content MUST be hand washed, because although the merino content is superwash, the cashmere is not and will probably full in the wash.