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3D printed Storage Box with Dice Tray--Fox

3D printed Storage Box with Dice Tray--Fox

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Are you a tabletop fan?  Dice Goblin? Need a place to both store and roll your dice?  Say no more!  I've turned my notions box into a multi-compartment dice box, with a section for rolling, or when not in use, storing your spell cards, mini, and other tabletop accessories, and an additonal tray for storing your dice!  Easy to grab and go for any tabletop game.

Each box is 3D printed one at a time using PETG filament.  The box measures approximately 5.75" x 7.25" X 1.5".  Each box has a sliding lid, and the interior has 6 different sized compartments for all your dice.  The lid is held closed with small neodymium magnets.  The dice tray is the same size, but has no interior dividers to allow for easy rolling.

As a note--these are 3D printed, not injection molded.  As such, there will be signs visible of the printing process (lines, etc) on each box.  As a 3D printing plastic, PETG has a relatively low glass transition temperature of 80-100 degrees C [176-212F] .  To prevent warping, it's best to keep it away from direct sunlight or high heat.

***Listing is for box only.  Images containing notions are for size perspective only

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