3D printed Yarn Box--Hammerhead Sharks

3D printed Yarn Box--Hammerhead Sharks

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I adore the idea of a yarn bowl.  The notion of the yarn flowing smoothly out of its cut out spiral while I sit and knit calmly in my wingback chair.  Reality however is more cruel.  when you have kids, and destructive, yarn eating cats, a traditional yarn bowl is a recipe for disaster.  I've smashed more than one beautiful hand made bowl.

Enter the 3d printer!  A plastic bowl won't break as easily as a ceramic one.  But that doesn't solve the yarn stealing cat problem...

So we put a lid on it!  Our boxes have a slide on lid with a spiral cut out to allow you to keep your yarn held safe inside but still be able to remove it and switch without having to cut it free from your project.  The lid is held closed with small neodymium magnets.

Box measures 4.75" square.

As a note--these are 3D printed, not injection molded.  As such, there will be signs visible of the printing process (lines, etc) on each box.  As a 3D printing plastic, PLA has a relatively low glass transition temperature of 80-100 degrees C [176-212F] .  To prevent warping, it's best to keep it away from direct sunlight or high heat.


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