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Mystery Pack of Stitch Markers

Mystery Pack of Stitch Markers

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Do you like surprises?  Are you always misplacing your stitch markers like me?  Well you are in luck!  In each pack of mystery markers, you'll get 19 small ring markers and one progress keeper with a charm.  Each set is random and totally unique, so you won't know what you'll get until you open it up! 

Each marker is handmade by me one at a time using snag free soldered sterling silver plated jump rings and sterling silver plated head pins.  

Small ring markers will fit up to a US size 8 (5mm) needle comfortably, and the thin rings will help mark your place without creating ladders in even the finest work.  Lobster claws are perfect for progress keepers, to mark rows, or to use as removable markers in crochet.

Beads can be pressed glass, metal, plastic, dyed stone, natural stone, or wood.  Charms are always lead free zinc, and the findings are silver plated brass.

Photos are simply an idea of what you might get, your mystery pack may be totally different!

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