What's "Best" for socks?

Best is really subjective.  Everything below is my opinion, and I'm not the yarn police.  You do you!
  • If merino softness is important to you, Entanglement wears like iron--I have a pair I made in 2008 that are still going strong and look brand new!  However, it is a light fingering yarn, so a little on the thinner side, which can be off putting to some.
  • Inertia is my best seller --the 2 ply twist gives bounce to your stitches, and the 20% nylon means it's plenty durable!
  • Photon is just like Inertia, just with a bit of added stellina (which is really just more nylon), for sparkle!
  • If butter soft isn't your top priority, you can't go wrong with Displacement.  As a BFL (blue faced Leicester) base, it's pill resistant, and takes dye beautifully!  I would still consider it next to skin soft, but not everyone agrees with me!
  • Volt and Ohm are my newest bases, and I know that Ohm holds up to my best friends 8 year old son, who is incredibly hard on his socks!  
  • Volt is a targhee base, and will also have that pill resistance similar to the BFL, but it's super lofty, and can play as either a fingering or a light sport!
  • Degree is another great option, with 10% added nylon for durability.
  • If sport weight socks are more your thing, you really can't go wrong with any of my sport weight options.  Kilovolt is simply the big brother of Volt, and Orbit has the same properties as Inertia, with an additional ply for even more strength!
  • My DK weight yarn, Newton, is the same put up as Entanglement, all beefed up!  So, for boot socks, or bed socks, or hiking socks, this one is totally perfect!

Targhee Sheep



Corriedale Sheep

BFL (Blue Faced Leicester) Sheep